Amy Brownson is a California based artist using fabric to construct textile works. Her current pieces embrace the texture and beauty of remnants and damaged goods from the knitting mills in Los Angeles.

Amy began creating in childhood, winning a national sewing award at age 12. She apprenticed abroad and in the United States, restoring antique textiles, studying woodworking, and designing and fabricating couture and ready-to-wear fashion. She returned west, continuing to practice her skills while designing and building costumes and sets for film and video. In Los Angeles, Amy started “painting with fabric,” turning the strips and fastening them in place. She relocated back home to the Bay Area in 2018 to create art full time.

Amy has exhibited at the Palm Springs Modernism Show, the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show, and Gallery DeRoche. Her work is in East Bay Artists 2020 published by ArtPush. She received installation commissions for the Saks Fifth Avenue catalog, and from the City of Los Angeles, premiering at The Orpheum and Eastern Columbia Building.